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Rex Settings
Rex Settings 8
  CodeTypeSize RefMetal  
  F00838Rex Setting5/8PT
  F00710Rex Setting6/8PT
  F00713Rex Setting7/8PT
  F00714Rex Setting8/8PT
  F00716Rex Setting9/8PT
  F00719Rex Setting10/8PT
  F00722Rex Setting11/8PT
  F00726Rex Setting12/8PT
  F00618Rex Setting6/818WG
  F01605Rex Setting7/818WG
  F01662Rex Setting8/818WG
  F01664Rex Setting9/818WG
  F01665Rex Setting10/818WG
  F01685Rex Setting11/818WG
  F00530Rex Setting12/818WG
Rex Settings 6
  CodeTypeSize RefMetal  
  F00720Rex Setting11/6PT
  F00737Rex Setting12/6PT
  F00734Rex Setting13/6PT
  F00725Rex Setting14/6PT
  F00738Rex Setting15/6PT
  F01666Rex Setting11/618WG
  F01667Rex Setting12/618WG
  F01668Rex Setting13/618WG
  F01686Rex Setting14/618WG
  F01691Rex Setting14A/618WG
  F01718Rex Setting15/618WG
  NNV 010Bezel Ref.10 (12/6)18ct Yellow
  NNV 012BezelRef.12 (14/6)18ct Yellow
  NNV 011Bezel Ref .11 (13/6 13/8 12/8)18ct Yellow
  NNV 013BezelRef .13 (15/6 14a/6)18ct Yellow
  NNV 005BezelRef .5 (8/8)18ct Yellow
  NNV 006BezelRef .6 (9/8 8a/8)18ct Yellow
  NNV 008BezelRef .8 (10a/8 10/8)18ct Yellow
  NNV 009BezelRef .9 (11/6 11/8)18ct Yellow
  NNV 004BezelRef.(7/8 6/8 3/10)18ct Yellow
  F02138Rex Bezel HB: ref .1318ct Yellow
  F01688Rex BezelHB: Ref .318ct Yellow
  F01690Rex BezelHB: Ref .518ct Yellow
  F01708Rex BezelHB: ref .618ct Yellow
  F02134Rex BezelHB: ref .918ct Yellow
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