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Belcher Chains
  CodeChain TypeChain StyleAlloyApprox g per metre  
7CSB1Round Belcher Machine ChainB1Sterling Silver11g per m
7CSB2Round Belcher Machine ChainB2Sterling Silver18.4g per m
7CSB3Round Belcher Machine ChainB3Sterling Silver35.5g per m
  7CSB01Oval Belcher Machine ChainBO1Sterling Silver8.6g per m
  7CSB02Oval Belcher Machine ChainBO2Sterling Silver19g per m
  7CSB03Oval Belcher Machine ChainBO3Sterling Silver32g per m
  5CHR1ChainB19ct Yellow Gold11.9g per m
  5CHR2ChainB2 9ct Yellow Gold19.8g per m
  5CHR3ChainB39ct Yellow Gold38.3g per m
  5CHRO1ChainBO19ct Yellow Gold9.3g per m
  5CHRO2ChainBO29ct Yellow Gold20.5g per m
  5CHRO3ChainBO39ct Yellow Gold34.5g per m
Round Cable Chains
  CodeChain TypeChain StyleAlloyApprox g per metre  
7CSCA30Cable Machine ChainCA30Sterling Silver2.5g per m
7CSCA40Cable Machine ChainCA40Sterling Silver5g per m
7CSCA50Cable Machine ChainCA50Sterling Silver7.5g per m
  7C9YCA30Cable Machine ChainCA309ct Yellow Gold2.7g per m
  7C9YCA40Cable Machine ChainCA409ct Yellow Gold5.4g per m
  7C9YCA50Cable Machine ChainCA509ct Yellow Gold8.1g per m
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