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Providing a comprehensive choice of weights and denominations, silver bullion coins made by The Perth Mint are struck from 99.9% pure silver.

Australian Legal Tender
Each coin is issued as legal tender under the Australian Currency Act 1965.

Three Series Featuring Annual Designs
We offer a choice of three silver bullion coin series, each offering annual design variations:

* Australian Kookaburra
* Australian Koala
* Australian Lunar

Protective Capsule
An acrylic capsule preserves each coin in Mint condition.
A docile tree-dwelling marsupial, the koala is one of Australias most popular animals. We issue Australian Koala 99.9% pure silver bullion coins in four sizes. 1kg, 10oz, 1oz, 1/2oz Silver Bullion Coins Each year, Australian Koala silver bullion coins portray an endearing new koala design.
  CodeDescriptionSilver Content (Troy oz)Minimum Weight (g)PurityDenominationsDimensions  
FSCKL1/211Fine Silver Australian Koala 2011 1/2oz Coin0.515.59199.9%0.50c (AUD)36.6mm x 2.3mm
FSCKL1OFine Silver Australian Koala 1oz Coin SOLD OUT131.13599.9%$1 (AUD)40.6mm x 4mm
FSCKL1011Fine Silver Australian Koala 2011 10oz Coin10311.34799.9%$10 (AUD)75.6mm x 8.7mm
FSCKL1KFine Silver Australian Koala 2011 1kg Coin32.1511,001.00299.9%$30 (AUD)100.6mm x 14.6mm
FSCKL1/213Fine Silver Australian Koala 2013 1/2oz Coin0.515.59199.9%0.50c (AUD)36.6mm x 2.3mm
FSCKL1O13Fine Silver Australian Koala 2013 1oz Coin131.13599.9%$1 (AUD)40.6mm x 4mm
FSCKL1013Fine Silver Australian Koala 2013 10oz Coin10311.34799.9%$10 (AUD)75.6mm x 8.7mm
FSCKL1K13Fine Silver Australian Koala 2013 1kg Coin32.1511,001.00299.9%$30 (AUD)100.6mm x 14.6mm
A laughing kookaburra, the largest member of the kingfisher species, is synonymous with the Australian bush. The Perth Mint issue Australian Kookaburra silver bullion coins in three sizes. 1kg, 10oz, 1oz Silver Bullion Coins Each year, Australian Kookaburra 99.9% pure silver bullion coins depict a fresh new design of Australias most famous bird.
  CodeDescriptionSilver Content (Troy oz)Minimum Weight (g)PurityDenominationsDimensions  
FSCKB1O12Fine Silver Australian Kookaburra 2012 1oz Coin131.13599.9%$1 (AUD)40.6mm x 4mm
FSCKB10O12Fine Silver Australian Kookaburra 2012 10oz Coin10311.34799.9%$10 (AUD)75.6mm x 8.7mm
FSCKB1K12Fine Silver Australian Kookaburra 2012 1kg Coin32.1511,001.00299.9%$30 (AUD)100.6mm x 14.6mm
FSCKB1O13Fine Silver Australian Kookaburra 2013 1oz Coin131.13599.9%$1 (AUD)40.6mm x 4mm
FSCKB10O13Fine Silver Australian Kookaburra 2013 10oz Coin10311.34799.9%$10 (AUD)75.6mm x 8.7mm
FSCKB1K13Fine Silver Australian Kookaburra 2013 1 kg Coin32.1511,001.00299.9%$30 (AUD)100.6mm x 14.6mm
FSCKB1O14Fine Silver Australian Kookaburra 2014 1oz Coin131.13599.9%$1 (AUD)40.6mm x 4mm
FSCKB10O14Fine Silver Australian Kookaburra 2014 10oz Coin10311.34799.9%$10 (AUD)75.6mm x 8.7mm
FSCKB1K14Fine Silver Australian Kookaburra 2014 1kg Coin32.1511,001.00299.9%$30 (AUD)100.6mm x 14.6mm
Each year in the ancient Chinese lunar calendar is represented by one of 12 animals. 2008 Mouse, 2009 Ox, 2010 Tiger, 2011 Rabbit, 2012 Dragon, 2013 Snake, 2014 Horse, 2015 Goat, 2016 Monkey, 2017 Rooster, 2018 Dog, 2019 Pig Every year, the Australian Lunar 99.9% pure silver bullion coin series comprises seven size variations.10kg, 1kg, 10oz, 5oz, 2oz, 1oz and 1/2oz. Each coin portrays an image of the appropriate animal and its Chinese pinyin character.
  CodeDescriptionLunar SignSilver Content (Troy oz)Minimum Weight (g)PurityDenominationsDimensions  
FSCR10OFine Silver Lunar Rabbit 10oz CoinRabbit (2011)10311.34799.9%$10 (AUD)85.6mm x 10.3mm
FSCR10KFine Silver Lunar 10kg CoinRabbit (2011) 321.5110,01099.9%$300 (AUD)221mm x 33mm
FSCD2OFine Silver Lunar 2oz CoinDragon (2012)262.2799.9%$2 (AUD)55.6mm x 3.6mm
FSCD5OFine Silver Lunar 5oz CoinDragon (2012)5156.67399.9%$8 (AUD)65.6mm x 5.8mm
FSCD10OFine Silver Lunar 10oz CoinDragon (2012)10312.34799.9%$10 (AUD)85.6mm x 6.6mm
FSCD1KFine Silver Lunar 1kg CoinDragon (2012)32.1511001.00299.9%$30 (AUD)100.6mm x 14.6mm
FSCS1/2OZFine Silver Lunar 1/2 oz CoinSnake (2013)0.515.59199.9%0.50c (AUD)36.6mm x 2.30mm
FSCS1OZFine Silver Lunar 1 oz CoinSnake (2013)131.13599.9%$1 (AUD)45.6mm x 2.6mm
FSCS2OZFine Silver Lunar 2 oz CoinSnake (2013) 262.27099.9%$2 (AUD)55.6mm x 3.6mm
FSCS5OZFine Silver Lunar 5 oz CoinSnake (2013)5156.67399.9%$8 (AUD)65.6mm x 5.8mm
FSCS10OZFine Silver Lunar 10 oz CoinSnake (2013)10312.34799.9%$10 (AUD)85.6mm x 6.6mm
FSCS1KFine Silver Lunar 1 kg CoinSnake (2013)32.1511001.00299.9%$30 (AUD)100.6mm x 14.6mm
FSCS10KGFine Silver Lunar 10 kg CoinSnake (2013)321.5110,01099.9%$300 (AUD)221mm x 33mm
FSCH1/2OZFine Silver Lunar 1/2 oz CoinHorse (2014)0.515.59199.9%0.50c (AUD)36.6mm x 2.30mm
FSCH1OZFine Silver Lunar 1oz CoinHorse (2014)131.13599.9%$1 (AUD)45.6mm x 2.6mm
FSCH2OZFine Silver Lunar 2 oz CoinHorse (2014)262.27099.9%$2 (AUD)55.6mm x 3.6mm
FSCH5OZFine Silver Lunar 5 oz CoinHorse (2014)5156.67399.9%$8.00 (AUD)65.6mm x 5.8mm
FSCH10OZFine Silver Lunar 10 oz CoinHorse (2014)10312.34799.9%$10 (AUD)85.6mm x 6.6mm
FSCH1KFine Silver Lunar 1 kg CoinHorse (2014)32.1511001.00299.9%$30 (AUD)100.6mm x 14.6mm
FSCH10KGFine Silver Lunar 10 kg CoinHorse (2014)321.5110,01099.9%$300 (AUD)221mm x 33mm
FSCG1/2OZFine Silver Lunar 1/2 oz CoinGoat (2015)0.515.59199.9%0.50c (AUD)36.6mm x 2.30mm
FSCG1OZFine Silver Lunar 1oz CoinGoat (2015)131.13599.9%$1 (AUD)45.6mm x 2.6mm
FSCG2OZFine Silver Lunar 2 oz CoinGoat (2015)262.27099.9%$2 (AUD)55.6mm x 3.6mm
FSCG5OZFine Silver Lunar 5 oz CoinGoat (2015)5156.67399.9%$8.00 (AUD)65.6mm x 5.8mm
FSCG10OZFine Silver Lunar 10 oz CoinGoat (2015)10312.34799.9%$10 (AUD)85.6mm x 6.6mm
FSCG1KFine Silver Lunar 1 kg CoinGoat (2015)32.1511001.00299.9%$30 (AUD)100.6mm x 14.6mm
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