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Manufactured in Germany Established for over 50 years Cleans highly sensitive components Modern, streamlined designs Elma Ultrasonic: Innovators of Design When Elma Ultrasonic develops a product they strive to exceed both the practical and the aesthetic needs of their customer. Elma Ultrasonics began its journey as a small watch cleaner, introducing ultrasonic technology to the watch industry in the 60s. Established for over 50 years, this medium sized German company is an innovator in the ultrasonic cleaner industry. Pairing the technological advances and modern designs that Germany is renowned for, Elma Ultrasonic continues to create highly efficient instruments without compromising style. Today, Elma Ultrasonic has expanded their cleaning technology to provide a full range of products that will meet all of your ultrasonic needs. Elma Ultrasonic combines leading edge technology, attractive and intelligent design, and the highest manufacturing quality. Form meets function in Elma ultrasonic products.
If you are looking for an efficient, reliable, multi-mode ultrasonic unit then the Elma Elmasonic S Ultrasonic Cleaner is the product for you. The S line products are ideal for challenging, precision cleaning tasks. Elma Ultrasonic has equipped each of their S line products with 3 ultrasonic modes: sweep, degas and normal. For your standard cleaning needs, the normal mode will quickly and efficiently complete the job. However, if you are faced with a more challenging cleaning task then the sweep mode is perfect for you. The sweep mode feature uses sound field technology to provide an elevated cleaning performance. In addition, each of the S line products is equipped with a degas function that will quicken degassing of the cleaning liquid. This is an excellent feature when you need to clean an item in a freshly filled bath.The Elmasonic S line is designed to clean parts, degas solvent, and prepare samples. The Elmasonic S ultrasonic cleaner can be operated at 37 kHz in 3 microprocessor-controlled modes: Sweep, Degas, and Normal. Sweep mode combined with extra ultrasonic power offers extremely rapid and thorough cleaning. Sweep guarantees a homogeneous sound field by continuously shifting the sound field maxima. The Degas function accelerates degassing of cleaning fluids and solvents. Fresh cleaning liquid does not clean efficiently until fully degassed, as dissolved gas suppresses cavitation. In Normal mode the Elmasonic S mixes, disperses, emulsifies, and dissolves samples.Run time is set with an easy-to-use knob. If you set the unit to run continuously and forget to shut it off, the ultrasonics will automatically switch off after 12 hours. Every bath comes with a noise-reducing plastic cover which doubles as a drip tray. Elmasonic S units have outstanding durability and carry a 2-year warranty. Intelligent design makes this ultrasonic cleaner surprisingly quiet. Elma S30H Ultrasonic uses an advanced high performance sandwich transducer to deliver twice the cleaning power (80 W vs. 40 W)
  CodeModelFeaturesOverall DimensionsInternal DimensionsTank Capacity Price ex. GST  
UL1012S10HHeater Timer Sweep Degas Lid206 x 116 x 178mm190 x 85 x 60mm0.8 Litre $595.00
UL1016S30HHeater Timer Drain Sweep DeGas300 x 179 x 214mm 240 x 137 x 100mm 1.9 Litre $1100.00
The Elmasonic EASY series is characterized by simple, user-friendly operation. With 100 % ultrasonic power at a frequency of 37 kHz, the Pulse function and visual warning (when bath temperature reaches the set limit), the Elmasonic EASY solves typical cleaning tasks quickly and efficiently. The activatable Pulse function is suited to remove tenacious polishing pastes. The ultrasonic power is increased up to 20 %, so that any soiling will be removed easily and quickly. The limit temperature can be adjusted according to individual requirements. When the set temperature limit is reached the unit gives out a visual warning that helps protect sensitive items from damage due to high temperatures. The Elmasonic EASY units have a stainless-steel casing. They are equipped with higher unit feet, which improves the protection of the electronics against splashwater.
  CodeModelFeaturesOverall DimensionsInternal DimensionsTank Capacity Price ex. GST  
UL1052Easy-20HHeater Timer Lid176 x 176 x 219 mm137 x 123 x 99 mm1.75 litre $739.84
UL1056Easy-30HHeater Timer Lid264 x 176 x 219 mm225 x 124 x 99 mm2.75 litre $820.00
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