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Tables and Data
Home Findings Settings F Settings
B,T and Y Settings
  700344B Setting2.0mm18ct White
  700347B Setting2.4mm18ct White
  700342B Setting2.7mm18ct White
  700356B Setting3.0mm18ct White
  700360B Setting3.4mm18ct White
  704801B Setting3.7mm18ct White
  700362B Setting4.0mm18ct White
  700190B Setting4.4mm18ct White
  700192B Setting4.7mm18ct White
  700348B Setting5.0mm18ct White
  704975B Setting5.4mm18ct White
  704967B Setting5.7mm18ct White
  704952B Setting6.4mm18ct White
  704959B Setting6.7mm18ct White
  704951B Setting6mm18ct White
Ring Settings - B - 9ct White
  700166B Setting2.0mm9ct White
  700168B Setting2.4mm9ct White
  700147B Setting2.7mm9ct White
  700744B Setting3.0mm9ct White
  700115B Setting3.4mm9ct White
  700119B Setting3.7mm9ct White
  700118B Setting4.0mm9ct White
  700120B Setting4.4mm9ct White
  700755B Setting4.7mm9ct White
  700183B Setting5.0mm9ct White
  700185B Setting5.4mm9ct White
  700836B Setting5.7mm9ct White
  700837B Setting6.0mm9ct White
  700184B Setting6.4mm9ct White
Ring Settings - T - 18ct White
  700332T Setting2.0mm18ct White
  700474T Setting2.4mm18ct White
  700473T Setting2.7mm18ct White
  700684T Setting3.0mm18ct White
  700686T Setting3.4mm18ct White
  700924T Setting3.7mm18ct White
  700683T Setting4.0mm18ct White
  700689T Setting4.4mm18ct White
  700680T Setting4.7mm18ct White
  700678T Setting5.0mm18ct White
  704979T Setting5.4mm18ct White
  705019T Setting5.7mm18ct White
  702412T Setting6.0mm18ct White
  704992T Setting6.4mm18ct White
  702413T Setting6.7mm18ct White
Ring Settings - T - 9ct White
  701541T Setting2.0mm9WG
  701542T Setting2.4mm9WG
  701543T Setting2.7mm9WG
  701544T Setting3.0mm9WG
  701545T Setting3.4mm9WG
  701546T Setting3.7mm9WG
  701547T Setting4.0mm9WG
  701548T Setting4.4mm9WG
  701549T Setting4.7mm9WG
  701550T Setting5.0mm9WG
  701551T Setting5.4mm9WG
  701552T Setting5.7mm9WG
  701553T Setting6.0mm9WG
  700560T Setting6.4mm9WG
  701555T Setting6.7mm9WG
Ring Settings - Y - 9ct White
  700843Y Setting2.4mm9WG
  700855Y Setting3.0mm9WG
  700861Y Setting3.4mm9WG
  700867Y Setting3.7mm9WG
  700873Y Setting4.0mm9WG
  700891Y Setting5.0mm9WG
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