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Brooch, Cufflink and Lapel Fittings
Earring Fittings, Studs and Accessories
End Tags (Finals)
Gold and Silver Leaf
Jump Rings and Split Rings
Pendant Fittings
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Safety Chain
Sovereign Mounts
Tables and Data
Home Findings Settings F Settings
Pillar Settings
Long Pillar Settings
  700711Long Pillar Setting1.5pt9WG
  700717Long Pillar Setting2pt9WG
  700723Long Pillar Setting3pt9WG
  703140Long Pillar Setting5pt9WG
  703142Long Pillar Setting10pt9WG
  700741Long Pillar Setting15pt9WG
  703143Long Pillar Setting20pt9WG
  700753Long Pillar Setting25/30pt9WG
  703452Long Pillar Setting30pt9WG
  703464Long Pillar Setting50pt9WG
  700765Long Pillar Setting90/100pt9WG
Pillar Settings - 9ct White
  700249Pillar Setting 0.5 pt 9WG0.5pt
  700261Pillar Setting 1.0 pt 9WG1.0pt
  700267Pillar Setting 1.25 pt 9WG1.25pt
  703453Pillar Setting 1.5/2 pt 9WG1.5/2pt
  700285Pillar Setting 3.0 pt 9WG3.0pt
  700291Pillar Setting 3.5 pt 9WG3.5pt
  700297Pillar Setting 5.0 pt 9WG5.0pt
  700303Pillar Setting 6.0 pt 9WG6.0pt
  700255Pillar Setting 8 pt 9WG8pt
  700309Pillar Setting 9/10 pt 9WG9/10pt
  700315Pillar Setting 15 pt 9WG15pt
  700321Pillar Setting 20 pt 9WG20pt
  700327Pillar Setting 35/40 pt 9WG35/40pt
Pillar Settings - 9ct Yellow
  700247Pillar Setting 0.5 pt 9YG0.5pt
  700253Pillar Setting 0.8 pt 9YG0.8pt
  700259Pillar Setting 1.0 pt 9YG1.0pt
  700265Pillar Setting 1.25 pt 9YG1.25pt
  700271Pillar Setting 1.5 pt 9YG1.5pt
  700277Pillar Setting 2.0 pt 9YG2.0pt
  700283Pillar Setting 3.0 pt 9YG3.0pt
  700289Pillar Setting 3.5 pt 9YG3.5pt
  700301Pillar Setting 6.0 pt 9YG6.0pt
  700313Pillar Setting 15 pt 9YG15pt
  700307Pillar Setting 9/10 pt 9YG9/10pt
  700319Pillar Setting 20 pt 9YG20pt
  700325Pillar Setting 35/40 pt 9YG35/40pt
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