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Home Tools & Equipment Files Vallorbe Bench Files
Swiss Valorbe Needle File Sets, as well as our range of Economy Needle Files.
Needle files come in many different shapes and sizes. Half round, square, round, flat, triangle, tapered and more. All used in many small and precision type jobs.
CUT 2-5 1/2"
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FI99250 $12.00
BeadSmith Needle File Set Miniature. These 12 piece economy needle file sets are ideal for filing rough metal surfaces. Made in China
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FI738 $15.00
Mini Needlefile Set 12pc 4". Set of 12 extra-fine needle files allows you to get into tight spots. All are 4 (100mm) long and cut 2.
  Code Price ex. GST  
  FI99000 $23.50
Well-made, Swiss needle files are made of chrome alloy steel. The 140 mm (5.5") and 160mm (6.25") sets consist of one each: Barrette, Equalling, Half-round, Round, Square, Three-square. Packaged in a handy wallet. Wallet is also available separately.
  CodeSet QtyLength (mm)Cut Price ex. GST  
  FI2442061400 $86.00
  FI2442261402 $89.00
  FI2443061600 $99.00
  FI2443261602 $89.00
Well-made, Swiss needle files are made of chrome alloy steel. The 140 mm (5.5") and 160mm (6.25") and sets consist of one each: Barrette, Crossing, Equalling, Half-round, Joint round edge, Knife, Marking, Round, Slitting, Square, Three-square, Warding. Packaged in a handy wallet.
  CodeSet QtyLength (mm)Cut Price ex. GST  
  FI24820121400 $170.00
  FI24822121402 $160.00
  FI24824121404 $115.00
  FI24830121600 $150.00
  FI24832121602 $160.00
  CodeSet QtyOverall Length (mm)Cut Price ex. GST  
  FI994006140mm0 $20.00
  FI993006140mm2 $20.00
  FI9960012140mm0 $35.00
  FI9950012140mm2 $35.00
  FI997006160mm2 $50.00
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